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Ladies and gentlemen, behold the game changer of your culinary world—the Oyster Mushroom Starter Kit! It's your one-way ticket to the eco-friendly, earth-saving, health-preserving, fungi-farming big leagues.

Grow mushrooms at home

Growing mushrooms at home can transform waste into wonders, offering an eco-friendly solution to urban food production. It's not just sustainable; it's a deeply fulfilling way to connect with our food cycle, making a positive impact one mushroom at a time.

Our DIY Mushroom Kit has everything you need, including free lessons!

1,2,3 Grow!

Our DIY Mushroom Kit has everything you need, including free lessons!

Classes Starting Soon! 

Get expert guidance

Access our comprehensive web-based instructions or enroll in an in-person workshop (availability may vary) to guide you through the exciting journey of growing your mushrooms.

Start to finish:

There is no need to shop around for separate components! The kit has everything you need, including the substrate, oyster mushroom spawn, and a convenient planting pail.

Grow with confidence:

Our specially formulated blend of nutrients and minerals provides the perfect environment for your mushrooms to thrive, maximizing your harvest and minimizing the risk of contamination.

Learn to Grow fresh, delicious mushrooms at home with one our easy-to-use starter kits!

Oyster Mushroom Starter Kit
3- Pack

Our 3-pail starter kit is a convenient and comprehensive solution that includes everything you need to grow delicious oyster mushrooms in the comfort of your home.


With a yield of 3 to 4.5 pounds of flavorful oyster mushrooms, this kit is perfect for individuals or couples who want to experiment with growing their own food. Can produce 12 to 20 servings over about 70-90 days.

Our kit is carefully designed to ensure successful harvests for years to come.

To help get you started right, we offer free Learn to Grow Mushrooms classes. Our experienced instructors have valuable insights and tips to help you get the most out of your mushroom-growing experience.


​The Kit includes:

  • 3- 1 Gallon Pails-pre-drilled for ventilation and fruiting(planter)

  • 3 Gallons of mushroom growing substrate(soil)

  • Mushroom Supplement(fertilizer)

  • 2 pounds of Grain Spawn(seed)

  • Hydrated Lime (pasteurization) 

  • Filter Material 

  • Access to step-by-step instructions and cultivation classes(like living next to a farmer)


While growing your mushrooms, the containers will need indirect sunlight, humidity, and fresh air. Each container needs approximately a 12-inch-by-12-inch space (1 sqft) to be placed. The containers can be stacked and are 8 inches in diameter and 8 inches high. 

Gardening Tools

Learn To Grow Packs

Perfect for both classroom settings and at-home learning, it offers hands-on experiences in Biology, environmental studies, Climate change, agriculture, food chains, and biodiversity. This kit doesn't just teach; it immerses learners in the process, making every step from spore to sprout both enlightening and immensely satisfying.

Growing mushrooms highlights the principles of sustainable food production. 

Perfect for Educational Projects 

Mushroom cultivation is a hands-on biology lesson, demonstrating decomposition, fungal life cycles, and their role in the food web.

Learning Activity

Growing mushrooms introduces discussions about ecosystems, food chains, and the importance of biodiversity. 

Teaching Aid

Students can take part in the entire process, from preparing the substrate to harvesting.

On-going Lessons

Learn to Grow Classroom Kits

​The Kit includes:

  • 28-1 Quart Pails-pre-drilled for ventilation and fruiting

  • 15 pounds of mushroom-growing substrate

  • Mushroom Supplement

  • Over 2 pounds of Mushroom Grain Spawn

  • Access to step-by-step instructions and cultivation classes.

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